Friday, December 12, 2008

Thanksgiving Trip

Ok, so I’m woefully late in making a post. My apologies. It’s been a hectic few weeks.

Vic’s sick again, computers fried, routers fried, work, kids, locusts, floods, famine, Christmas decorations, etc, etc. But alas, here is the latest post which takes us up through December 5th.

The Loooooong Trip Home

When Vic and I first moved to Atlanta, the trip to our Kentucky hometown, ~355 miles, would take about 7 hours. I’ve done it in 5 hrs 15 min, but I was alone and didn’t stop for gas, food or pee break.

The 7 hour trip time was pretty average up until Hailey was born. The average time then jumped to 10 hours or more. And after Alyssa and Gracie joined us 12 hours was not uncommon. So based on previous performance, I wasn’t to excited about the long trip home the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

We left at 8:40am on Wed morning. Three hours later than I wanted to. (Hey, you wake 4 women up and get them in a car for an all day trip.) Anyway, we left and began burning rubber. Vic tried to sleep and the girls watched TV in the back. Joe drove.

We drove through Chattanooga, TN. No stops yet. Little traffic. Making good time.

Stopped for a potty break, handed out snacks, sandwiches and drinks. No restaurants this time. My goal was to make time.

We drove through Knoxville, TN. Stopped for another potty break and the girls began a session of Simon Says with me. Entertaining all the Holiday travelers with their antics. I was Simon of course.

On through Kingsport, TN and then Gate City, VA, where the speed limit is like 5 MPH and there are 10 cops per mile. That town plays havoc with a schedule.

Bang, outta Gate City and on to Kentucky.

We pulled into Vic’s home place at 3:30pm. What? Did I say 3:30pm? That means the trip, with Vic and 3 screaming youngins took us just under 7 hours. WOW!!

So, of course upon arrival the youngins started trashing the place. Situation Normal.

The next few days were very good. We had Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house on Thursday and Vic’s parents on Friday. Friday morning I took Hailey and our little cousin to the Breaks Interstate Park to look at the views. They had a great time, saw some deer, played on a stage and generally enjoyed themselves.

The trip back was a little different. We left Saturday morning at approximately 11:30am. and hit traffic in Kingsport, TN. Waaaay earlier than expected. Then it started to rain. That nasty, misty rain that makes driving hell. Then we got to Knoxville, TN and just parked. No one was moving. We averaged around 5 mph around the city with pounding the steering wheel the whole way. We stopped and ate at a Cracker Barrel giving the girls a chance to stretch their legs and me to lower stress level.

The rest of the ride home sucked. Rain, dark, fog, mist, traffic, more rain. Finally got home around 8:30pm. 9 hours. Not too bad considering. We’ll see how the next trip goes.

Now, pics from the trip.

Gracie throwing rocks in the creek by Gran Gran and PaPaws.

Fed the goats by Gran Gran and PaPaws. Hailey would have nothing to do with them. Alyssa wanted to, but just couldn't. Gracie fed them, petted them and played with them all over the yard.

Hailey and Grace running down the road at Gran Grans.

Alyssa and Hailey on the swing at Gran Grans.
Upon arriving in the Breaks stumbled across 5 deer by the road. I stopped and took a few pictures. One was about 5 feet from my car door. Didn't seem to mind us at all.
We took our cousin McKenzie with us to the Breaks. Her's Hailey with her on one of the cliff trails.
McKenzie and Hailey at the State Line Overlook. From this spot, it's about 2,000 feet down to the river.
Hailey at the State Line Overlook. If you look back over her left shoulder you can see a railroad tunnel.
This is the Towers at the Breaks. It's about 1,700 feet down to the river from here.
We were lucky enough to see some Kayakers down on the river. It was 32 degrees where we were so I know they were cold.
McKenzie got stuck on a rock.
Hailey at the Towers sign.

There is an outdoor theater/stage in the Breaks.
Hailey and McKenzie had a sword (stick) fight. Acting out some make believe play.

MeMaw and PaPaw Joe, Thanksgiving Day.
Hailey, Alyssa, Gracie and McKenzie trashing Me Maw's house.

Thanksgiving spread at Me Maws.

McKenzie in front of Tocko's house.

Pilgrim Gracie.

The girls in Virgina on the way up to Kentucky.

Alyssa, Hailey and Gracie on the front porch swings at Tocko's.

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