Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Idiot Neighbor

For the last two days, my idiot, stupid, brain dead, dufus, ignorant, bonehead of a neighbor has been burning his leaves. That's right. Burning dead leaves from his property.

We're in the middle of a town. Hundreds of houses all around. Not out on the farm somewhere 100 miles from anyone. But dumba$$ collects all his leaves all fall and winter, piles them up, and burns them. Oh yea,,,,and it's rained for 5 days,,,so burning isn't really a good description. They're smoldering.

Smoke is so thick you can't walk around the house without choking.

I'm calling the city offices tomorrow and see if there is some way to get this jerk in trouble for this garbage.

Did I mention that I have more brain cells in my pinky toe nail than bonehead across they way has?


Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday - Best Day of the Week

My blogging habits have been pretty poor this year.

Between Facebook, work, Vic, kids, working out and PingFit. Not a lot of time to write.

I always wanted to be a writer though. I had good ideas for books, or stories. Wrote a few beginnings and I like them. But never went beyond that. Of course, I'd have to spend any advances I got for a book on people to edit my bad grammar and writing skills. :)

Anyway, I may try to dig up some of my old musings and put them out here.

In the interim, tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day. I'm sure we'll be outside with the girls some. On the bikes, soaking up the sun and warmer weather.

Til then.