Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Big P

Saturday - Wen to Regers last to work on PingFit. It was cold in his office. Started coughing that night, ears hurt a little.

Sunday - Hacking a lot, not much sleep

Monday - Felt like crap. Coughing like a 3 pack a day smoker. Left work early. Still worked out though.

Tuesday - No sleep last night. I'm sure a lung is going to come up soon. Still worked out.

Wednesday - Keeping a plastic bag and spoon handy, just in case that lung does come up. No sleep but still worked out.

Thursday - No sleep, lungs burning, went to office anyway. Left to go to doc. Doc took xrays and says I have pneumonia in one lung. Great!!! Started me on antibiotics that are so big they have to be served in courses like a meal.

Today - Sunday - Still recovering. Tired, head hurts some, but not hacking as much. Gotta love it.

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