Sunday, April 4, 2010

Stuck in Facebook

So no posts here for 4 months. And not many before that. It's because we've been using Facebook.

It's faster. More immediate feedback. Now, now, now. No waiting.

And we can see our friends now, now now,, etc etc.

And that's all good,,,, from one perspective.

But from another,,,, it doesn't give you the ability to express your thoughts and feelings quite like a blog does. A blog is just more personal in my opinion.

So,,, what to think of/express now?

Lots of things actually:
1. Kids - my girls are growing up so fast. Hailey's 10 already. Geez.

2. Vic - will we ever find a cure? This just seems to go on and on and on.

3. Politics - don't really want to get started there. So much is wrong with this country now. The direction we're headed. The activists playing leaders.

Just a few. Just a few.

Well,,,, blogged for now. May do more sooner.

Oh,,, it is Easter today. Girls had egg hunt. Good dinner,,,, courtesy of Vic,,,, who despite a massive headache still got a ham baked and potato salad made.

G'nite all!!

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I love this!