Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On with Life

In other events around the world, Gracie got in trouble at school today. Teacher says she can't keep her out of the little boys bathroom. I asked her tonight why she kept going in there and she said: "Cause the girls bathroom is boring!"

Gotta love her.


jkrunning said...

I was asked that very same question by a kind security man at a George Strait concert one time. My answer..."because the line in the girls' bathroom is too long." He let me go.

JoeVic said...

That's funny. Vic and I were at a Garth Brooks concert in San Diego. There were a thousand women in line for girls restroom at one point but only a few men in our whole room.

I was standing there just doing my business when about 20-30 women come in and start using the urinals. I really didn't know that was possible until I saw two ladies on either side of me do it.

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!!