Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sea Stories

Most people who have served in the military have some sort of extraordinary story or experience. In the Navy we called the Sea Stories. When hearing a sea story though you must be aware of the fact that unless you are hearing the story from two people who actually saw it, you're more than likely going to get a little or a LOT of exaggeration.

There is an un-named RAF pilot in this story who will definitely have one to tell at the local pubs for a while. Blinded pilot. In case the link ever goes bad I'll summarize.
- 60 year old man is flying a Cessna in England
- Suffers a stroke and loses vision
- RAF pilot called into help
- RAF pilot flies (assume wingtip to wingtip) next to man all the way to landing, talking him down.
- Man lands safely and is taken to hospital where he is recovering.

Great story!!

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