Monday, November 10, 2008

Simon Says

This weekend was not horrible or catastrophic, but definitely one for which I’d like do-over. Let me summarize:
- Friday morning – Smoke alarms went off for no reason. Kids terrorized. Had to clean them, seemed to solve the problem.

- Friday – Vic sick. Fever, running nose, coughing, miserable.

- Saturday – TV Repairs unsuccessful. Stuck with 16 yr old, 800 lb 32” job. It’s so heavy it has it’s own gravitational impact on our moon.

- Saturday night – Gracie get sick, up ALL night with Vic, maybe 2 hours sleep.

- Saturday night – Alyssa has nightmares and sleeps with me. Oh, and Alyssa doesn’t sleep well with anyone. She runs, thrashes, slashes, kicks, jumps and pokes everything around her. So I got little sleep.

- Sunday morning – Gracie hacking up lungs, take her to Urgent Care.

- Sunday night – smoke alarms go off again, found the root cause, steam from the bathroom. Too late, however, to prevent additional terrorizing of the kids.

- Sunday night – Gracie up all night AGAIN, with Vic.

- Sunday night – Alyssa has smoke alarm nightmares again and joins me in bed.

- Sunday night – Hailey decides she’s been left out of the all night activities and joins Vic and Gracie downstairs. Gracie won’t let Hailey get near her, so she screams and yells ensuring NO ONE got any sleep.

So Monday morning, our clan looks like a bunch of zombies. I’d like to formally request a do-over please.

In other news:

While I had Gracie at the Urgent Care center she became VERY bored. (big surprise there). So we played a little game of Simon Says, but this time, Gracie wants to be Simon. And it went like this:
Simon says put your hands on your head.
Simon says put tickle your nose.
Simon says bark like a cat.
Simon says jump up and down
Simon says poop like a dog.

Yep, we never really know what’s gonna come out of her mouth.

All for now, have a great day!!

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