Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Day After

Ok, so we have a new president. I hope he is up to the task and will pray that he is 1/2 the man so many millions think he is.

As for the concept that this has changed America, a new day has dawned, we put demons behind us because we elected a black man to the presidency? I think it is an inspiration to young people of any race or color to know once and for all they can do anything. But other than that I say nothings really changed.

I will say this country has truly changed, has truly become color blind, is truly beyond the race baiting and issues when a black man is elected president and no one ever mentions the fact that he (or she) is black. I personally don't care if the person is green, I just want the right person for the job.

So here's to the new president. May he honor the constitution, defend our land and do what's right for this country and her people.

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