Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hey Joe, where ya been?

Well, it's been a busy new year. Work, Vic and the kids have occupied an enormous amount of time. Lets see, what have we been doing:

- Christmas - big occupier of time.

- New Years - All of us hopped in the car and headed to Happy China for New Years Eve dinner. It's a little family tradition.

- Played a lot of Wii with the girls. Got my butt handed to me many times. The worse was when I got Lightsaber Duels and Alyssa slaughtered me the first time around.

- Took down all the Christmas decorations

- Cleaned the basement

- Cleaned house a lot

- Worked a lot

That's about it. Just so busy, no posts. And all in all we took only 5 photos Christmas day. Just,,,,,you guessed it,,,,,too busy.

More will be coming I promise.


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