Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well, yesterday was our 22nd wedding anniversary.

Vic got roses, we took the whole family out to dinner and had a real good time.

Thanks to everyone for their condolences, I'm sorry, I mean congratulations for reaching another milestone in our marriage. :)

And what would a long over due post be without a Gracie story.

Gracie runs to Vic with a very scared, concerned look on her face.

She yells "Mommy, Mommy, somethings wrong with my butt, please look at it!!!!" Then she turns around and bends over.

Vic asks "What is it, did you fall, does it burn?"

To which 5 yr old Gracie responds: "Noooo,,,,it's got a crack in it!!" And takes off running and laughing.

And how's your weekend going?


Danielle said...

Would it still be that funny if I did it?

JoeVic said...

Funny? Yes. Butt not nearly as much!!! :)