Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Gracisms

Everyone has seen a baseball players 'scratch'. You know,,,, the digging, rutting moves in broad daylight, shifting around and scratching in the most inappropriate places to be doing so outside.

Well,,,,, Gracie was doing a very good impression of this yesterday, which prompted the following conversation:

Vic: "Grace, what are you doing?"

Grace: "I got an itch and I got to itched it."

Vic: "Well you doing dig at yourself like that in front of everyone, it's not nice."

Grace: "Why not? My music teacher itches her itch like that in class. So if I get an itch, I'm gonna itched it."

Gracie also had a run in with our neighbors dogs the last few days. 1 snapped at her cause she was pounding it in the head and calling that 'petting'. The other was because she saw something unusual on our other neighbors Greyhound. Something that looked like an 'extra leg'.

Took us a few minutes to distract her away from that. Geez!!

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