Monday, June 16, 2008

Diary of a Mad Man

It's day 5 since the surgery and I'm starting to lose it. The itching is starting to dominate every aspect of my day. My nose and ear feel like a million tiny ants, the size of microbes have descended upon them and are tickling in unison. Yes,,,,I'm sure it orchestrated,,,,there is an intellect behind this torture, this evil, this truly unbearable existence is being directed by aliens, demons from hell,,,,,I,,,,,,,,can't,,,,,,,,,stand,,,,,,it,,,,,,,,,,,,ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Where's my AK47,,,,,,,,where's my whip,,,,,,,,,where's my teddy bear,,,,,,,,,Mommy?!?

All joking aside, today has been totally miserable. Allergies kicked in, sneezing, nose running, itching, constant, unending, unbearable, itching, itching, itching. It's made work extremely difficult and miserable. Did I say I was miserable yet?

But it's a good sign. A sign of healing. But I tell you,,,,,from looking at the pics below, I don't see any real healing on the outside. I took these tonight as I was cleaning the site and changing the dressing.

I'll post pics next week and we'll see if there is any improvement.

I did work out tonight for the first time since surgery. I didn't push it, just 31 minutes on the treadmill at a nice 3 mph pace. All was good until I started sweating. It was hot down in the basement,,,,,and the sweat started getting under the bandages,,,,,and,,,,,,the itching started,,,,,just a little a first,,,,,but it got worse and worse,,,,,,and,,,,,,,and I started visioning hatchets,,,,,and axes,,,,and machetes,,,,and,,,,and guns,,,,,oh yea,,,oh yea,,,,,,,

Whew,,,,that was close. Did I tell you my nose was itching a little?

Anyway, I've gained a few pounds since this whole cancer thing started. About 12 to be exact. Call it stress eating, not working out enough, lack of motivation. Pick your poison. But I'm back now and working to Curahee. My new, adjusted goal is 230 lbs for Curahee in Oct. And to finish the mountain in 2 hrs. I'm just trying to be realistic here.

I do appreciate all the emails I've received from everyone. It really does help, (not with the itching),,,,but with the stress of dealing with this type of issue. Thanks specifically to Paul and Steph,,,,who I've never met,,,,but who never fail to send me words of encouragement.

Ok,,,,enough mushy, gushy stuff. It was my Father-in-Laws Birthday Sunday and here are some pics of him, my girls and my niece Lindsay.


Steph Bachman said...

I think the new nose looks good. From the side, you can't even see any swelling.

If you are not taking pain meds, maybe some Benadryl would help with the itching? I'm not a doc, though, so you'll want to confer with yours first!

Danielle said...

Your nose looks great! FYI: Cocoa Butter and A&D ointment work REALLY well for scarring! I hardly have any signs left from all my road rash!

Congrats on getting back into working out. Just take baby steps and soon they turn into leaps!