Monday, June 9, 2008

The Surprise

So the surprise coming with Gran Gran and Pa Paw was my niece Lindsay. She's my favorite niece actually and we're all glad to have her here. Hey,,,,you know,,,,,I think she's my only niece. Anyway, so now it's really a house full of girls. Pa Paw and I can do nothing but hide.

I took all the girls to the pool yesterday evening and today and they've had a blast. Hailey's learning to swim really well. Standing on her hands, doing flips underwater.

Alyssa is still wearing floaties, but I think she'll be done with those soon. She's starting to open her eyes underwater without a mask or goggles. I tell ya,,,,,Navy Seal material.

And Gracie is still our social butterfly. Tonight is a great example.
- She co-opts another Mom in the pool to swim around with her. I've never seen this woman before in my life.
- The Mom's name is Catherine, but Gracie insists on calling her Elizabeth,,,,and does.
- She finds a group of boys around 10-12 years old playing by the big water mushroom. The boys are laying down on the ground in the water, so Gracie proceeds to run around all of them and over them splashing water into their faces. She had never seen these boys before tonight. And they didn't seem to mind the extra water.

Lindsay is a great swimmer and after my superb lessons last night in throwing and catching a ball she did MUCH better playing catch tonight. (Last night - she caught 1 ball thrown her way, tonight 20 balls). Yep, this proves I can teach anyone. (I can't let her read this or I'll find myself glued to the bed.)

Here's Gracie under the mushroom, without the boys.

Alyssa floating.

Hailey getting ready to do an underwater flip.

Lindsay pulling Gracie around the pool.

Alyssa just getting airborne during a jump into the pool.

The landing. Look at that form and distance.

Gracie picking up every toy around the pool.

Lindsay practicing throwing a ball.

Gracie posing.

Lindsay laughing at one of my jokes.

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