Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Injuries

Yanked, banked, wrenched, pulled,,,,,whatever you want to call it,,,,my right shoulder and right knee today. Further evidence that I'm too old, too fat and out of shape beyond belief. And how you may ask did I bring this calamity of injuries upon myself? Well, I'd like to say I was doing something dashing, dangerous, sexy, saucy, naughty or heroic,,,,,,but no,,,,,,,I was just trying to get Alyssa buckled in her car seat.

Yep,,,,,car seats were made to be installed and utilized by circus acts who can lick the back of their thighs. People who can twist and conform themselves like putty into a car and do the inhuman. Well,,,,I ain't that. So, while buckling Alyssa in this morning headed to the local bastion of Chinese economics in America, otherwise known as Wal Mart,,,,,I wrenched both my knee and shoulder. But hey,,,,,we did get Hanna Montana 3D glasses for the concert next Saturday night, so I guess it was someone heroic and dashing.

I'm going to go sulk now and kiss a few Motrin.

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