Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Wednesday

In case you didn't know, I aggravated my elbow again and injured by other elbow over the past 2 months. So I visited my doc yesterday and asked for some love. That's actually what I said:

Doc: You want some love?
Joe: Yep. I want some love.
Doc: You know, most people don't call this love.
Joe: I know, but I need some love.
Doc: Ok then,,,,I'm gonna show you some love baby.

Gotta love this guy, he's great. Good doc, personable, funny. He's the one who took care of Vic's ACL. And it really doesn't hurt that bad.

In other news, my intention is to get back on the stick this weekend. I've only been working out a few days a week, and I've not been watching my diet. Not a total loss for the year, but quite a set-back to my goals. It's ok. A lot going on in my life, I haven't given up on my dreams and goals. Big weekend coming up, so I'm hoping that will get my engine running again.

Oh, and a nice big shout out to Steph, who tried to play Charles Bronson from those seventies movies where he was a vigilante. Ok, ok,,,,,,she only stopped a drunk teen who'd crashed her car from running off. But I can see Steph in a leather jacket with a sawed off shotgun.

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Steph Bachman said...

Hope your elbows are feeling good from all of that love! : )

Thank you for the shout out. I didn't do much to keep her there, just asserted my motherly authority. It's hard to look tough in running clothes but I did look tougher than the neighbor in her robe.