Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday Evening Post

Well it's Saturday and what a great day it was.

First, the love Doc Simon showed me worked. No pain in the elbows. I'm back in business.

Second, had some activities at my house this afternoon for a project Reger and I are working. It was fantastic. Got to meet the lovely Dani and the studly Keith (no website) who I've seen on Reger's site for years. Both quite wonderful people and hopefully it will only have been the first of many such meetings.

Third, I may have gotten my motivation back today. That burr in the backside which moves me forward. I think it was a combination of things really. The success of our our afternoon activities was one. It really got me pumped this evening. Best mood I've been in for 2 months. Then I watched the end of Click (with Adam Sandler), which really shows you where priorities should lie. I have a habit of devoting too much time to work sometimes and not family and health. And then Reger posted this picture of me on his site which really shows off my wide body and triple chins. Gotta love him. I know he did it for the sole purpose of motivating me back into my workout routine. :)

Well,,,,,I think it's worked. I'm feeling pretty motivated right now.

Hope everyone had a happy Fourth.



Danielle said...

I really enjoyed it too! Glad to hear that your are motivated to get back into the swing of things! Next photo shoot we'll be taking pics of you!!

JoeVic said...

Pics of me?
Maybe in a year or so. :)

Hoping things move a lot faster than that and we need more pics before then.