Friday, August 22, 2008

Alyssa's Big Day

Ok, I'm three weeks late with this. Been a little busy.

Alyssa started Kindergarten Monday, Aug 4th. Yep, she's a schooler now. She was so excited to go to the same school as Hailey. I think she was even more excited about getting to ride the bus home from school.

Here's pics of her and Hailey that first morning.

And here's one of Alyssa getting off the bus later that week.

Of course she did have a little bit of trouble on the bus for a few days. Some boys were pestering her from behind. Blowing in her hair, pulling her hair etc. Gracie had a bit of a problem with this and publicly announced she was going to get on that bus and kick those boy's butts!!! And I think she would.

In other news, Gracie took a bit of a spill today at school. Ran down a hill (against the teachers wishes) and scraped up her leg. Miss Lisa said she only shed 1 tear. Didn't cry more than a second. What can I say? She's tough!!!

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Steph Bachman said...

Joe - were you at the Roswell Taco Mac for dinner last night? I saw someone who I thought might have been you in the game room and again on the "porch". I was chicken to come over and say hello, though.