Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I've watched as much Olympics as possible these last two weeks considering my unbelievable work schedule. I even managed to fit a line about Michael Phelps into Hailey's 3rd Grade project.

She had to pick a country and writing about it. Including fascinating facts. I gave her this one to include:
- New Zealand has one 33 Gold medals in it's Olympic history.
- Michael Phelps has won 14 Gold medals in the last 4 years.

I think that gets my point across.

Now, to gymnastics. I've watched the womens gymnastics and rooted as much as anyone for our team. Like most people in the world, I believe there are 3 or 4 girls on the Chinese team which are no more than 13 years old. No one in the IOC seems willing to make them play by the rules. But I think our own gymnast Nastia Liukin said it all without saying a word. After being technically robbed of the Gold medal, on the podium she looked down at little 12 or 13 year old He and gave her the look a teenage babysitter gives a spoiled brat. I think that's priceless.

ok. Done ranting today.

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Anonymous said...

Joseph Douglas, you forget XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS!!!! LUCY LAWLESS!!!! The number one thing, their claim to fame.
How can you mention New Zealand without mentioning XENA???? It's so wonderful that Renee O'Connor divids her time between her homes here in the US and a home she still has in New Zealand. This show was a phenominon of almost biblical porportions. I've got to spend more time with my neices..........
Just yanking your chain; although, all of the information provided was true. And think of it this way I edited this statement 6 times. But can't you just see it: Gracie, Warrior Pre K'er. Alyssa is already Alyssa the Great Lizard Conquerer of GA., Hailey, the Singing Diva of Woodstock.....Ok I'll stop now. I love you