Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Doc Visit

I haven’t mentioned before, but last Friday Vic had a mammogram/ultrasound and they found something. Nothing huge, nothing the radiologist said to be worried about, but they said the doc would want to do a biopsy anyway. So this morning we went to the doctor's office and met with the doctor. We reviewed the film and he was very confident it was benign, but since it was obviously a solid mass he had to do a biopsy and they were going to do it now.

The nurse came for Vic and started taking her back to the room for the procedure. I followed of course, since I’d already gotten Vic’s approval to take pics of the procedure, just like she did of me while having my nose sliced and diced. The nurse said no!!. Can you believe it? She said there wasn’t enough room in there for me to be running around taking pics. Bummer! As they walked away and I could over hear Vic telling her about me and Reger putting pics of just about anything on our websites. Although to be honest, Reger’s put a lot more disgusting things on his site than I have.

Anyway, while they were in there the doc removed the entire mass from her breast. Got all of it. We're expecting the test results back in a couple of weeks. So now Vic is resting at home, very, very sore and uncomfortable. They have her chest wrapped up tight as a drum. I'm going to have a hard time keeping the girls off of her this evening.

So the news is good for now. Sis, folks don't know about this and you're not to tell them yet.

And since I couldn’t get a pic of the procedure, Vic let me get a pic of the incision when we got home. Note: This is a pic of the upper left side in case you're thinking I'm posting pics of my wifes boobs on line. That's my other site. :)

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Joe Reger said...

No cameras in the hospital?!? My guess is that they were more concerned about liability than space! Well, I'm glad they were able to get the mass out and hope that the tests come back negative. Get some rest Vic!