Monday, September 22, 2008

Got Gas?

For those of you not in the metro Atlanta area, especially the northern suburbs, allow me to fill you in on the local news. WE GOTS NO GAS!!!!

All the stations around here are dry as a bone. I got out Sunday morning and found a station and filled mine up, so I'm good for a few days. Other people are not so lucky.

So, time to eat some beans and franks.

In other news, Gracie has been at it yet again. Our little mouth of the south.

1. She was in the local pop stop getting pepsi and peanuts with Vic. As they were checking out, 2 young men got in line behind them. Gracie turned around and the following conversation ensued:

Gracie: "Are you strangers?"
Man: "Huh?"
Gracie: "Are you strangers?"
Man: "Well yes, I guess we're strangers."
Gracie: "You're not supposed to be talking to me then."
Man: "Yes, you are right, YOU are not supposed to be talking to me."

As they walked out the door Gracie looked at Vic and said: "Those strangers were nice."

2. On the way to pick up Alyssa and Hailey at the bus stop, Vic and Gracie saw the mail man driving down the street. Vic decided to wait until he got there so Grace could get the mail from him. The following conversation ensued:

Gracie: "Hi. My names Gracie, but you can call me Gracelyn."
Mailman: "So you're name's Gracie?"
Gracie: "No, I'm Gracelyn 'The Hope' Elswick."

After the mailman drove away she looked up at Vic and said: "Mommy, he was a nice stranger too."

And if I haven't mentioned before, for the last 6 months or so, Gracie refers to herself as Gracelyn 'The Hope' Elswick. Like she's some sort of prize fighter or something. She came up with it on her own. Not sure what inspired her.

3. Sitting on the couch in the family room, Grace crawls up into Vic's lap, where she posed the following question/answer session:

Gracie: "Mommy, why are there bad words."
Vic: "There just are honey. Some words are just not nice or polite."
Gracie: "Like poop, pee and what the hec?"
Vic: "Yep, those are bad words. Don't say them."

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Danielle said...

We have gas in Tucker! I really would like to borrow Gracie to entertain at our future social gatherings!