Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Wrapup

Just a few notes to wrap up the week.

Vic is doing good. Still very sore, very bruised, but that is to be expected. Now it’s just waiting for the test results.

Gracie is still our general source of entertainment as evidenced here:

We asked there girls what they wanted for dinner tonight and Alyssa said “Moose of the Cow”. We asked her what that was and she said Burger King. Not sure where she got that from. Oh yea, she’s started meditating. Not sure where she got that from either.

We have another school project for Hailey. Another ‘diorama’, which is a 3 dimensional representation of something in a shoe box. Someone getting millions of government dollars in grants had to have come up with that one. I’m trying to talk Hailey into doing Paul Revere’s ride.

Alyssa has a project this week. She has to bring in a snack for the whole class that begins with the letter ‘P’. It’s like Sesame Street on steroids I guess. So Vic and the girls made popcorn and put into individual bags for each of the kids in Alyssa’s class, along with some pretzels as well.

Been on Facebook for a few months now. Not many friends, but it’s starting to grow. Ran across some really old friends in the last few days which is kind of cool. Vic has her own page now as well.

All for now, here’s hoping the gas holds out so I can get to work this week.

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