Sunday, October 19, 2008

Depression and There's a First Time for Everything

In the Fall of 1996 when Vic and I knew we would be moving to Atlanta, we took a whirlwind house hunting trip of 4 days. In 4 days we toured almost 20 houses around Atlanta and ended up buying one in Suwanee. Looking back on that purchase it was probably a mistake. Shortly after moving in we found tons of things we didn't like, especially Vic. She wanted something bigger with a better back yard.
So, within 18 months of moving in, we were occasionally 'browsing' new subdivisions around Atlanta.

My job changed in 2000 right after Hailey was born. It was an 18 mile commute each way, but it was all back roads. By leaving at 6:00am, it took 45 minutes, and each evening my commute was at least 1 1/2 hours. Something had to change. So, we started house hunting, not just browsing. And low and behold we found our present abode. Big enough for Vic with a matching mortgage big enough to work me to death. My deal with Vic was you get a big house, I get a BIG TV.

We moved into our house in Dec '01. The BIG TV (Sony 51" Widescreen HDTV) moved in before the Super Bowl in Jan '02. Life was good.

But alas, nothing lasts forever. This morning she died. Bit the big one. Sucked her last tiny electron from the local power grid. And now I am depressed. Not only did I have to work all night and this morning, but my TV died.

Being Joe, I can't take this lying down. When a man's favorite electronic device breaks down, what must he do? He has to go buy a bigger, better electronic device. I believe it's in the Man Rulebook somewhere. And this is exactly what Joe did.

First, I surfed the net, then I hit the road. Immediate replacement is necessary to prevent any harm to the Man Psyche (or however it's spelled). Being familiar with the latest technologies, products and my own desires of course, I quickly picked out the replacement product and required stand. And that's where I stopped.

We've been doing everything possible to cut back on expenses this last year due to Vic's medical bills and the ginormous pay cut I took last year. So how on earth can I justify forking over more than 2 grand on a TV. So I took the mature, responsible course of action. I walked out of the store and came home. Yep, there's a first time for everything.

Now in the family room we're using the 800lb 32" TV which was in our bedroom. I know it's 800lbs because Vic and I had to move it down the stairs by ourselves. I think the house shifted on it's foundation as we moved it. Until times get better or we win the lottery, it will be our main TV for a while. No Super Bowl parties around here anytime soon.

And how was your day.

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