Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When I'm 80!

Monday, Oct 6th: My Aunt fell and cracked her skull. She's recovering, but has to have surgery next Monday to remove bone fragments from around the inside of her eye socket.

Tuesday, Oct 7th: My father fell and cracked his skull. Took 7 staples to stitch him up and he is doing fine.

Monday, Oct 20th: Last night my Uncle fell and cracked his skull. Blood everywhere and a few bruises, but he's doing ok.


As a result of the events listed above to my Father, his Brother and Sister, I have decided that upon reaching the age of 80 I will start wearing a helmet around the house at all times.

I would start wearing one now, but the only one I have is this one which belongs to Hailey. It's just a tad too small I think.

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