Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Election

I find it difficult these days to watch the news on TV or browse the news on the net because of the election. The overwhelming bias of the media has absolutely sickened me. Yellow journalism is most assuredly alive and well in the United States.

The great number of hollywood idiots spouting their mouths off in favor of their candidate. Most of them do not have any serious education, understanding of basic economics or world history. They're just following the hollywood crowd. Clinging to a few issues and mantras which are important to them.

I'm appalled at the violence perpetrated on people who disagree with the left. Damage to cars, stealing of signs, physical violence etc. It's all over the news, one just has to look it up. It's deemed as 'OK' to bash someone cause they 'disagree' with them. When did this happen?

Someone hung (as if by a noose) an effigy of Obama on the University of Kentucky campus the other day. Secret Service, FBI, State Police etc were on the scene immediately. The effigy was torn down and a full scale investigation is underway to find out who perpetrated this horrendous act of racism.

Update 10/31: 2 individuals were arrested for hanging the Obama effigy.

In contrast, someone hung an effigy (as if by a noose) of Sarah Palin in hollywood the other day. The mayor, police, FBI etc got involved, but no one took it down. Its hung there for over a week and the owners of the house say it will stay there til Saturday.

Update 10/31: The Sarah effigy is down, but no arrests.

And what about bloggers? Some of the garbage I read on the internet is scary. I can't believe people can be so ignorant, racist, sexist and vile. And these are people from the party who is supposed to be open, tolerant and accepting. I suppose those things apply, but only if you swallow the kool aid and agree with everything they say.

This election has really disheartened me. It makes me wary for the future my girls will grow up in. I am teaching my girls they can do anything they want. The media and hollywood in this election is saying otherwise. They're teaching our children that you can be a woman and do anything you want as long as you are pro-abortion, not religious, hate guns etc. If you're not a left-wing babe, you don't count.

The absence of an unbiased, objective media coupled with a power hungry political party who has repeatedly shown they will do anything to silence the voice of opposition is a dangerous path for this country and we should all be concerned.

Ok. That will be my only foray into politics until after the election.


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