Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

The girls have been hyper for 2-3 days unable to wait for Halloween. Especially Gracie. All three had parties at their schools, after which Gracie declared "It was the greatest party ever!!!". And being the wild one of the bunch, she should know.

The afternoon went by like days for them. The clock plodding slower and slower to the hour when they would don their costumes and venture out into the night. And when it came they hit the street with a fury. I don't have many pics cause they were moving too fast and I was trading sea stories with my neighbor, retired Navy.
The three girls before heading out.
This is the first time Hailey hasn't been some wholesome princess or cheerleader.

My two little princesses.
Nice shot of Alyssa.

The girls meet up with our neighbor Katie and begin to pillage the neighborhood.
Third house attacked. Missed pics of the first two, they were moving too fast.
A house further up the street. They always go all out for Halloween.
Ain't Luann a sweetheart!?!

Counting the loot.

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