Friday, October 24, 2008

Things We Can't Choose

Feeling a little punch drunk right now, having worked 20 of last 36 hours. So I decided to have some fun.

There are few things in life you can really choose. Your wife, your dog, your car, your house or your hair color just to name a few. And with the exception of your wife you can pretty much get rid of any of those without much pain, suffering, litigation, mental anguish or emotional scarring.

Family, however, is a different story. The gene pool you were spawned from is yours for life. All those aunts and cousins, brothers and sisters, rednecks and inmates are yours whether you like it or not.

And just like you can't control who your family is, you can't control what pictures I, excuse me, I mean your family shares with the world.

My beautiful neice Lindsay. Although it looks like a mugshot, I believe this was a photo she sent to this guy she's hot for.

There are just some places you can't take your Mother. Small boats 200 yds off the coast is one of them. Don't worry, I got out of the line of fire right after this shot was taken.

My cousin Laura. Beautiful, funny, sincere and oh yes, very blonde. She actually believed a Georgia State Patrol officer called her on her cell phone while tracking her via satellite to tell her she was speeding.

Although my life was threatened if I ever published this picture of my cousin Tabeth, she lives far enough away that I feel pretty safe.

Every family has their hunters. You know, those 'real' men who put on their cammies and head into the woods to shoot tasty animals. Well, these men have to start somewhere, which is where my next picture comes into play. My nephew Daniel, the great hunter.

Although my Father was in the Navy, he donned this helmet for a baby Hailey. I think he's trying to look like an astronaut.

All for now!!

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yourstruely said...

i like your blogs
dont know why i havent
recived one yet jk jk probly because
you dont know my email

p.s if you havent figured out who this is yet its your favorite nephew....