Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Moms Day

To my wife, Vic.

- Thanks for putting up with me while I was growing up.
- Thanks for having my children
- Thanks for putting up with me while I still grow up (it'll happen, just be patient)
- Thanks for looking so darn good, all the time
- Thanks for laughing at my horrible jokes
- Thanks for indulging my need for new guy toys, mostly computer and stereo related
- Thanks for letting me watch Star Wars any day of the week
- Thanks for understanding my infatuation with Ashley Judge and Rachael Hunter
- Thanks for not shooting me over that last comment
- Thanks for letting me play Xbox 360 any time I wish
- Thanks for understanding me better than anyone else
- Thanks for doing the dishes this morning
- Thanks for taking care of me when I'm sick
- Thanks for taking care of me when I'm sad
- Thanks for listening to my doubts and fears
- Thanks for always being my biggest fan and supporter
- Thanks for being my best friend
- Thanks for being the hottest chick I know
- Thanks for being my everything

I love you Vic.
Happy Mothers Day


Note: There is an 'inside joke' at my house regarding Ashley Judge (Judd). I'm always kidding my girls about her or Rachael Hunter being my girlfriend. When I do this, they usually chase me down, tackle me, hit me, pound me etc. It's a big game. Why Judge? Gracie can't say Judd. She calls her Ashley Judge. So now you know. :)


Steph Bachman said...

Happy Mother's Day, Vic! : )

Joe, anyone who runs is an uber-runner to me. Those guys at the park may just have been focused on getting to the water not saying hi to me.

Anonymous said...

Little Brother, that was wonderful. I'm so proud of you. Vickie is indeed a special lady and I am hoping and praying this new medicine works....