Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nunquam Deditio

Loosely translated Nunquam Deditio is Latin for ‘Never Surrender’. (If anyone knows better, let me know.) The concept means for an individual to believe the only thing worse than losing or defeat is to quit trying. To never let fear, loss or frustration gain the upper hand in the struggle, even if defeat is inevitable.

It is a concept well known by US Marines, Navy Seals and other members of our armed forces. It is a concept I want to instill in my little girls as the way to approach every thing they endeavor.

Life is full of obstacles. Sometimes these obstacles are self-made, others are just life itself and sometimes they seem to manifest themselves as though an unseen entity was purposefully placing them in our path.

Regardless of the source we must be strong enough to work through the obstacles. We must find the strength and resolve to deal with the mental frustration, exhaustion and sometimes hopelessness to push onward even if we know we may lose in the end.

Where do we get this strength? Where do we find this resolve? How do we reach deep within ourselves for the courage and power to push onward in the face of defeat? Is it a trait passed on to us as children like I’m trying to do with my girls? Is it the result of our social circles and support groups? Is it our faith and relationship with God? I believe it’s all of the above.

Why then? Why do I want to keep fighting even if I know I may lose? Or worse yet, what if I know I’m going to lose regardless? Why not just accept the inevitable? Each person must answer this question for themselves, but I have my own thoughts on this.

- What if George Washington had quit when all looked hopeless?
- What if Lincoln had quit after the first year of the Civil War?
- What if the 101st Airborne had given up at Bastogne?
- What if Rosa Parks had just sat down in back?
- What about the determination and grit of Michael – Marathon runner, husband and father.
- What about Gary Gordon and Randy Shughart? – Delta Force, Medal of Honor winners
- What about the NYC Firemen, Policemen and Port Authority workers on Sept 11, 2001?

Just imagine if any of those people had quit, resigned to defeat and laid down. How different would our world be today, or the world of thier families? I can only imagine the kind of person I would be if I had just one ounce of their resolve and strength.

Nunquam Deditio. Never Surrender.

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Steph Bachman said...

We are trying to do the same with our girls and tell them to never say "I can't". : )

Keeping Vic and her new meds in our prayers.