Monday, May 5, 2008

The Fifth of May

We had an appointment with Vic’s new doctor today, supposed to be one of the best headache specialists in the South East. Waited 2 ½ months for this appointment, so he’d better be good.

Started off the day in a bad way of course. Hailey’s got an eye infection again and couldn’t go to school so we had to drag her with us. We dropped the little ones off at day care and headed for Monday morning drive time traffic trying to get down town. 1 ½ hours later, we arrived.

Hailey and I stayed in the waiting room while Vic went back to see the doc, carrying 3 years worth of Xrays, MRIs, medication lists and therapy’s tried and failed. The doc did a review of the records provided, an interview and a physical evaluation. In the end, he came up with this diagnosis:

- New Daily Persistent Headache – a disabling, primary headache disorder
- Hemicrania Continua – a treatable primary headache disorder

She has some new meds to start taking tomorrow to attack these conditions, but we won’t know for several weeks if they’re effective. One is supposed to do a number on her stomach, so she’s supposed to start taking Pepcid AC tomorrow too.

So, another group of meds and play the waiting game again.

In the interim, here is a pic of our birds nest on the front porch. You can see the heads of 3 little buggers. Not too clearly though.

Since it’s Cinco De Mayo we went to our local Mexican restaurant, the one we’ve been going to for over 7 years. An annual tradition if you will. I was very good, eating only had taco salad.

Work out tonight was also very good. Ran 14 minutes of a 43 min treadmill routine. I have to say the legs and feet are doing great. Total limiting factor right now is the lungs. I just have to keep at it, one day at a time.

G’nite all. More tomorrow.

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