Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Kids, or Are They

This was a great Sunday. We got up, played, watched some Garth concert DVDs, folded laundry and had a blast. The afternoon started off with me taking the 3 girls to Brewsters for Ice Cream. We got our cones then sat on the grass and enjoyed the day.

After this we came home, the girls donned their bathing suits and we went to the backyard where I proceeded to be the sadistic father and hosed them down with the water hose. :)

I blew up the big, inflatable jumpy thing and they jumped in that,,,,,,while I was hosing them down of course.

Now the girls, tired from a big day of sun, fun, water and ice cream are watching Harry Potter, eating popcorn and drinking soda. They'll pass out shortly I'm sure.

Oh yea, there was one interesting thing about today. Oh,,,it's so minor I don't know why I bring it up. You see, I've been forced to ask Vic if there was something she should tell me. Some big secret about the paternity of my girls. Yes,,,,,,doubt has been entered into our marriage.

You see,,,,,,Gracie HATES to have her hair brushed or combed. It's like torture to her. And we all know torture can make even the hardest men talk. Well, between the hosing down in the back yard, dinner and the Harry Potter movie, the girls had to have a bath. And it was after the bath while I was drying Gracie's hair she screamed at me.

"Daddy, go dry your kids hair, let Mommy dry mine!!!!!"



Maybe there are some questions I need to ask Vic. :)

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Steph Bachman said...

Unfortunately, I'm not either one. More like Gilligan. . .