Friday, May 30, 2008

Redneck Riveria

Since I have to have surgery June 11 on my face and during the month or so recovery period I can't do much of anything we decided to take a little weekend jaunt to Florida. That's right, we're visiting the Redneck Riviera. Our trailer park away from our trailer park. Vic and I had never been, so we're taking the proverbial dip in the pond.

We started traveling around 2:50pm, headed in a southerly direction. It wasn't long before we ran into some serious Atlanta traffic, but we persevered. Things went pretty boring after that. You know, typical traveling on the highways. That is until we crossed the Alabama state line. Yeeee Hawww, I was in Hog Heaven.

The first thing I saw was 'Pawn Headquarters'. Yesireee,,,,,there we wuz sitting right in front of THE global headquarters for all things pawn. Whodathunkit.

The next gem of the south to catch my attention was Hog Rock BBQ. With a name like that, it has to be good.

Then as we were searching for our signs and directions, I saw a sign that said Eufaulen Dolfen, or something like that. I told Vic I'd luv to be a followin' Dolfen to PCB, but I don't know who he is or what he's driving.

We saw a big Chicken, musta been 8 ft tall beside the road. Gracie started clucking.

Had to stop and pee beside of the road after it got dark.

Eventually though, we arrived at our destination. As we pulled into the resort, we parked behind a familiar looking car. Vic said, that looks like our neighbors car. I blew it off as hogwash.
I proceeded to walk inside and ran smack dab into my neighbors girls. Surprise, hugs, smiles. Small world sometime.

Oh well, I'm disappointed I didn't get pics of the Hog Rock BBQ, but the tears of joy from my brush with the Pawn Headquarters hadn't subsided. Maybe on the way back.

That's all for now folks!!

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