Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beautiful Day

What an absolutely beautiful day it was today. A little cool with the wind, but otherwise a 10 on anyones scale.

Still keeping the kids busy today. Rearrangement of the basement continued, moving both treadmills, the stair stepper and the stationary bike to the large room with the TV and surround sound stereo. Then moved my office to what used to be the exercise room. Mounted speakers in the ceiling, ran wires through the rafters. Fun to be had by all.

The only major problem encountered today was a 12” woofer on one of my speakers blew. I mean it really blew. I found 3 pieces of it in the room. So I’ll have to order a replacement on-line and install. It’s not too hard, I’ve done it before.

As usual, I had Gracie help with the activities today. Well, she helped some then would run out side and play with her sisters.

Vic had a pretty good day until this evening. Around 9pm the headache came back hard and she's down again. The fight continues.

Hay has the Georgia standardized tests this week. Once again giving her a chance to prove she's in the top 1% of the nation when it comes to smarts. A pure genius in the house. Of course she get's all of that from me. :)

Here's looking forward to a good week for all of us. Hay doing good on her tests. Vic having some good days this week. Alyssa working things out with her friend at school (they had a little 5 yr old falling out last week.) And last but not least, for Gracie to stay out of trouble for a few minutes.

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