Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Time Will Tell

The nurses told Vic yesterday that today, she'd feel like a tractor-trailer had hit her. She's really upset with them, because that doesn't begin to describe the pain she's in from those injections. Stiff, sore, pain, unable to move, stiff, pain, sore, etc etc. As a result, she was pretty medicated all day, but was up and around some this evening. Just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Gracie got bored in the basement while I was working out and decided to join me. I have several old video work out tapes a friend loaned me. They're great for flexing other muscle groups. I've read before that if all you do is do the treadmill or bike, your body adjusts to that and can't do anything else. So it's good to mix up your routine and do different things.

So, I was doing a video workout and having a good time. Gracie sees the video and watches me do it and becomes so excited she joined me. Now, I wonder if you can guess what exercise tape would catch Gracie's attention so fast and so completely?

If you guessed the kick-boxing work-out called Tae Bo, you'd be correct. Sure as cow-pies wouldn't be Richard Simmons. Not violent enough for her. Unfortunately I had no cameras in place so I'll have to get photo's next time.

What I do have is a photo from this afternoon. Alyssa wants to read so bad she started the Reader Rabbit games on her PC. She loves it and worked so hard she wore herself out.

I said something to her from across the room and there was no answer. I looked and this is what I saw. I love that girl!!! Oh and yes, I did pick her up and carry her to the couch so she could catch some sleep.

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