Monday, April 28, 2008


Not sure what everyone else thought of it, but I watched the movie Cloverfield last night. I loved it. Thought the concept was truly awesome. Typical guy film I know, but I loved it. Can't wait for the sequel.

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Steph Bachman said...

Joe, this is off-topic, but you totally could do a triathlon. A year ago, I was just thinking about it and had not swum laps in 4 years or been on a bike in over 11 years. Go and read Sarah's blog (Peanut Blog & Jelly) and Wes's blog (A Code Geek's Tail) from the links on my blog. We've all come from nothing in the last few years. Also, think about lurking over on the Beginner Triathlete boards to get inspired. There is a pretty active Georgia section and it wouldn't be hard to get plugged in.

On the photos, my husband took the one on my post with my phone and the race director hired SIM photography to do the others. Those are the "free" shots that I've linked to - the ones that we can buy come out on Friday.