Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Miracle of Life

Several things for today's post:

1. Over our front door step there are two little alcoves tucked away. For the past 3 years a couple of sparrows (at least I think they're sparrows) have nested there, and today we got to see the babies poke their heads up for the first time. It's so sweet to watch those little lice infested munchkins eat premasticated worms and stuff. :0

2. Of 43 min on treadmill, 12 min were running at 4.7 mph. So I ran almost a mile tonight. Lungs definitely not used to this level of activity. Still burning a bit, but it feels good. First it was the knees, then the feet, now the lungs. Just gotta keep on truckin, cause in January I could barely walk 12 min on the treadmill.

2. Gracie (4 yr old) today decided that carpenter bees have it all wrong. Instead of burrowing holes in wood, they should build houses. "Why do they dig holes, why don't they build a house like us?" I tried to explain that they can't drive trucks and without a truck they can't go by the Home Depot and get the workers needed to build a house, but it went straight over her head. Go figure.

3. Alyssa will not go in the bathroom after someone else. Especially me. She explained that she has a sensitive nose and it hurts. I think I should be offended.

4. Up late tonight loading code fixes into Production with one of my teams. Should be done in an hour or so, but have to be on call at 6am to verify and monitor, then of course work all day as if I had a full nights sleep. Another glorious day in the corporate world.

All for now. Have to put together some reports for tonight's activities.


Steph Bachman said...

Our front alcove had robins this year, but unfortunately the painter did the same thing with their nest as he did with those evil swallows that poop all over the back porch. Oops. Maybe they will come back next year. : |

Steph Bachman said...

And, WAY TO GO on your running! You kick ass!