Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It'll Feel Better When It Stops Hurting

Vic's headaches started in early/mid January, 2005. Not sure of the exact day they started, but she's had one 24/7 since then. Sometimes the pains a 3 sometimes a 10, but they never go away.

Assuming Jan 15, 2005, that would mean 1,171 days in a row she's had a headache. In that time she's endured 3 MRIs, unknown number of x-rays, cat-scans, 1 ENT, 1 Optometrist, 1 Dentist, 1 TMJ Specialist, 2 Chiropractors, 4 Neurologists, 1 GP, 15+ Prescription Drugs (3 with adverse reactions), Physical Therapy, Yoga, Trigger Point Injections, Massages and no relief. And of course all these doctors and treatments were free.

Which leads us to the present, today in fact. A new doctor and new approach. Facet Joint injections and an Occipital Nerve Block. Or to us lay people, the sticking of HUGE needles into the spine.

So far this therapy shows promise in helping her. We'll know for sure in 3-4 days. Right now she's in misery from the shots, horizontal and medicated. So don't call the house!!! Wake her up and I'll let Gracie come spend the weekend with you. :)

Chef Joe made another appearance tonight, trying to make up for the environmental hazard created Saturday. I tried a brand new French recipe normally reserved for only the very best and skilled cooks. Le Shakey de Bakey. Went very well with the green beans and Mac'n'Cheese. Hey, no one keeled over in pain so I consider this a huge success.

A few pics below to keep Mother-in-Law happy (and at bay). :)

Me and the girls spotted a tree full of yellow birds right in front of the house. This was the only good pic I could get.

Hailey showing of the AR Star slinky she got a school today.

Alyssa and Gracie bouncing on the couch. This pic was snapped just as Gracie began to fall.
Don't worry, the couch wasn't damaged.

A close up of Gracie's attire this afternoon. A Kool-aid covered shirt, socks as mittens and a cheesy Jim McMahon headband. Hey, she's 4 years old, plenty old enough to dress herself I say.

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