Sunday, April 6, 2008


Overall the workouts this week weren’t real good. Otherwise distracted and couldn’t get the time needed to do it. Should be able to get back on the stick this week.

Last night I was talking about cleaning the car and Alyssa got all excited. She wanted to get the hose and sponges out and have a blast. Hailey told her we couldn't do it because of the drought. If you don’t know, the Atlanta area is in a drought and we've had an outdoor water ban for over a year. Anyway, Alyssa didn't understand. So Hailey tried to explain.

Hailey: “We can’t wash the car outside cause we’re under water restrictions.”
Alyssa: “Aw man, I don’t like water itchkins.”

We took the girls to see Horton Hears a Who today. It was the first time Gracie had ever been to a movie theater, for good reason. I told my Mother today she wouldn’t last 15 minutes. Well I was wrong. She lasted the whole movie, didn’t make a fuss, no one got hurt, it was really nice. The movie was so-so, but there was one thing which stood out for me. The jungle was run by a busy-body, tyrant Kangaroo. During one fit she threw in the movie all I could see on the screen was Hillary Clinton. The screeching, the whining, the shrill voice,,,,the producers had to have done it on purpose cause it was just too close to the real thing. When she finished one tirade near the end of the movie I said out loud “It’s Hillary Clinton.” At which point some guy across the aisle started laughing. I hope he didn't snarf his popcorn and soda.

Border Control:
Once again the lack of proper control on our borders has resulted in the continued invasion of our sovereignty. Yes, it’s happening again. Little black ants have crossed the border between nature (outdoors) and civilization (indoors). I know it’s not because of the high paying jobs in our house, I’m too cheap to pay the buggers. And besides these little buggers aren’t looking for work. They’re looking for a handout. It’s just a few right now, but I’ve taken action to improve border security. That’s right. Chemical weapons. They’ll be deployed tonight. I can’t tell you when due to operational security, but I guarantee you these invaders will be gone tomorrow. I’ll love the smell of Raid in the morning.

The rest of today’s been pretty low key. No excitement. Installed a new HD in my main PC. The Vacuum cleaner died so we got a new one. Vics still in quite a bit of pain, but we’re still hopeful.

Anyway gotta get some sleep. Night all.


Steph Bachman said...

For the invaders, we've had good luck with the sugar traps. They are little boxes of sugar water with borax in it that you leave around for the ants to find. Of course, they are a mess if they dump over, though.

Hope Vic feels better and your workouts are easier this week.

JoeVic said...

Thanks for the advice. Not sure if I can leave a little box of sugar around the house though with Gracie. Who know's what she'd do with them.

Vic's actually feeling pretty good this morning. We're cautiously optimistic right now. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi joevic-I got here through the negative split. I am the negative split's mom, otherwise know as Lala. When I heard of Vic's headaches I thought I'd let her know I had a similar experience when I was in my early 30's (I'm really old now - 57) But they stopped as mysteriously as they began-and I too went to every kind of Dr and nothing really worked. Good luck to you. I hope what you're doing does the trick.

JoeVic said...

Thanks Nat's Mom.
Vic's still dealing with the pain from the injections, but she says the main pain she felt before is gone. The doc says it'll take some time for the medicine to really work, but this is a good sign.

And 57 is NOT old. It can't be. It's only 13 yrs older than me and I am most assuredly not getting old yet.

You know it's nice all the new people I've gotten to chat with since starting this blog. It's been a fun month.