Thursday, April 10, 2008

Knees and More

My entire life I've never had problems with my knees. Then just because I pack on a hundred pounds or so, they start hurting when I'm working out. Go figure.

By the way, getting up at 4:45am to work out is SOOOO much fun. I just have to encourage everyone else to try it. But, I made a commitment to keep this up for 2 weeks. I'm almost through the first week and I'm going to stick with it.

But right now two questions are going thru my brain.
- How tight should you tie your shoes to keep your arches from hurting
- How many miles can you get out of a pair of shoes before they're not supporting you well anymore.

I think my shoes have had it because my arches are hurting a bit. Got to look at a new pair this weekend I suppose.

Hay's having a sleepover tonight. So instead of 3 screaming little girls I have 4. And it isn't like there's only 25% more screaming. It's like 10 times as much screaming and 10 times louder.
Yep,,,,,I had me a good, loooong work out in the basement tonight,,,,,,,,,followed by a nice loooong,,,,,,stretch,,,,,,,,,,hmmmmmm,,,,,,,did you hear something?

Oh well. Gotta get some sleep. More tomorrow.

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