Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Update

Today is roughly day 1189 of Vic’s headache and we’re not giving up on a cure.

The pain can really be broken down into three major pains.
1) Head pain (the most debilitating)
2) Neck pain
3) Shoulder pain

The Facet Joint injections of 3 weeks ago seemed to have resolved the neck pain. YEAAA!!!! They could always come back, but right now it’s 3 weeks and counting.

The doc today showed Vic some love and gave her a big needle of cortisone and other stuff into her shoulder. She’s sore as expected, but so far pain is gone.

The head pain unfortunately is still there. Doc did another Occipital Nerve Block today. We’ll see if that works or not. If not, back to square one with the headache.

In the interim, Vic is totally medicated and horizontal again. Probably will be for at least 3 days. All we can do is ice, meds and love. Got the weekend with the girls to beat them into submission. Sorry, I mean spend some meaningful quality time with my loving children. :)

To keep the monsters happy tonight I did ice cream, popcorn, movies and soda. They passed out happy and full. A busy kid is a happy kid, so Saturday we’ll be rearranging the basement and cleaning the garage. Then I’ll find something fun for them to do outside. Pics of course will be posted tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers for Vic. I hope no one ever has to go through what she has for the last 3 yrs.

G’night all.

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Steph Bachman said...

Hope Vic is feeling better tomorrow.

Good luck with the basement reorg! Maybe all of the activity will get you some naps this afternoon. : )