Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I dug out the old box, stored deep, within the bowels of the basement which has all our old photos in it. All the pre-children stuff. I had no idea we had given that much money to Kodak.

I filtered through them all and identified about 200-300 I want to scan and add to our digital library. Let's do the math here. Takes about 5 minutes per photo to load in the scanner, preview, adjust/crop, scan, label and save. Which means I have about 16-24 hours worth of work ahead of me. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy. And there are literally hundreds more down there worth scanning, but I just picked the ones I had to scan. Including a bunch of my beautiful Vic I've taken over the years and forgotten about.

So, over the next week or so, expect to see some old pics posted here and there, sort of documenting where we've been and such. Oh, and once all the scanning is completed, I plan on doing a post devoted to all the photos my family wish had never been taken. And yes, I'll include some of my more dufus Kodak moments.


Tonight was Bike (25 min) and weights. Not sure what I want to do tomorrow yet. Keeping my options open.

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