Thursday, April 17, 2008

Observations and Vents

Today was without a doubt one of the busiest days I’ve had in a while, on all fronts:

VERY hectic today. Integration testing, requirements reviews, production issues, financial battles, turf wars, attitudes, process, process, process, process, process....

In my almost 20 yrs experience managing people, programs and projects I can tell you a simple fact. Process is supposed to do 2 basic things: 1) expedite delivery of a product and 2) improve the quality of a product. Anything else is pure fluff, waste and a line handed to you by an overpaid consultant or auditor. I have enough process to occupy 3 people full time. But you know what? I do my job, smile, say thank you and come home to a loving houseful of screaming kids and one hot chick. I leave work at the office.

Today was the day to register Alyssa in Kindergarten. Multiple forms of identification were required to prove we live 2 miles from the school and she’s eligible for school. Tax forms, Social Security Cards, Parents Drivers Licenses, Birth Certificates, shot records etc, etc. As we gathered all these papers, we realized Alyssa’s Birth Certificate was missing. We looked and looked for it last night to no avail. We had to have it today, so I planned to go to the Cobb County Vital Records Office this morning and get a copy.

Upon arrival at the Cobb County Health building I was smacked in the face with the reality of the immigration issue facing this country. The parking lot, lobby and waiting rooms were filled, wall to wall, with individuals, couples, kids and babies who only spoke spanish. (ok babies can’t speak, but you know what I mean) I was the only person there speaking English. All I could think of was why do I have to have so much proof of residency and identification for my daughter to go to school when these hundreds of people and families probably have none.

War with the carpenter bees started today. They are systematically burrowing through our swing set and decks. I called upon the spirit of General Patton, had the troops dawn protective gear and chemicals were deployed. A high body count has already been observed.

Ballet night was tonight and I took Hay to the studio. While she was there I decided to subsidize the Chinese economy and visit Wal Mart. As I got to the XBOX 360 game section I ran into two ladies whose girls are in the same ballet class as Hay. Believe it or not, these two demur ladies like Gears of War, Call of Duty, Halo etc just like me. Go figure. I don’t know any other women, save my sister and her room mate who play XBOX. Cool!!!

And last but not least, tomorrow we go back to the doc. I’m going to be positive and hopeful right now. We are going to find a treatment for Vic. A treatment which returns her to us, whole and without pain and suffering. It is what I pray for, and what I will never stop searching for.

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