Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sore Dogs

Steve from Big Peach Running Co. (BPRC) called me yesterday to check on my shoe problem. (I emailed them Monday evening.) He said I may want to try a couple more miles just to make sure and if my feet still hurt, to bring them back in to the store. Possible solutions include inserts, different socks or getting a different shoe. I did 3 miles last night and my feet still hurt this morning.

I'm with Steph on this one, I think they're too narrow. I have wide feet, (which I'm sure has nothing to do with the 250+ lbs bearing down on them), so on the first trip to BPRC we tried on EE's and EEE's. I liked the EE's better, but they may have been a mistake. So it looks like I'm headed back to BPRC. This time I'm packing a lunch.

Vic had another rough day. Friday can't get here soon enough for me. I want to see with the doc says, and if another treatment is in order, let's get it done. Since she was down yesterday I had KP last night. (Kitchen Patrol for those of you who've never seen a war movie.) Anyway, I was very busy with work until after 5pm and didn't have the time to whip up another of my culinary delights. So off to McDonalds with the girls. I left a sign on the bedroom door for Vic so she'd know where we were if she woke up.

I did have a long conversation with the girls about 'puddles of liquid substances which may be on the equipment in the play room." I do not want a repeat of the pee incident. Here's some video I took of the fun.

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