Friday, March 7, 2008

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Snow, no snow, maybe snow, yes snow, no snow.
Love the weather forecasters these days. My kids are going to need therapy due to their up and down emotions over hearing the weather forecasts.

Vic did better today. Still some pain, a lot of soreness. Very tired. Not surprised considering the meds. It's been over 3 yrs now. No doctor has been able to isolate the cause, but the latest neurologist from Emory has given her the most relief. She's resting now and hopefully will be able to make the hair stylist appointment she made for tomorrow morning. In case I haven't said it to any of you, I love my wife. She's my heart and soul.

Ok. Enough there,,,,,workout today was great! Really seeing improvement for my fat butt. Goal in site for 250 by Apr 1st.

Heard from an old Navy buddy of mine, Keith Davis, today. He and I got on a plane in 1994 from Philly to Italy to Baharain, for a lovely helicopter ride to the USS Callaghan. Didn't know this guy from Adam, but we spent the next 2 yrs together on the Callaghan. Got out of the Navy and went to work together at KLA in San Jose, CA in 1996. Keith is a great guy. Smart, good looking, hell, if I were a woman,,,, :) Anyway, I have to re-tell this story. The lucky SOB and I, along with everyone else from the Callaghan, were bar hopping in Sydney, Australia. Keith ran into to one of the most beautiful ladies imaginable, Chantal. We called her Shanny (spelling is horrible, so shoot me.) They met, fell in love, came to the states, got married and now have 3 lovely children together. Eventually moved back to Australia where they live today. Cheers mate!!!! Love ya Keith and Shanny!!!!

Keith has asked if he and I can work out together virtually since he wants to lose weight as well. I can think of no better minds than Joe Reger and Paul Kindzia to come up with a way for us to do this. So gentlemen,,,,,,,,????

I have a huge box of photographs in the basement from my time on Callaghan. Of particular interest is our trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. There are some of Keith and I there,,,,,before the local police got invovled. :) I'll try to scan them in next week.

Good night everyone!!!!

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