Monday, March 10, 2008

March Madness 1

I am a huge University of Kentucky basketball fan, and yesterday UK beat the Gators in thier last regular season game of this season. With a less than a memorable season this year it was a nice ending. Now if they can just win 2 or more in the SEC tournament. They've already beaten Vandy and Tenn each this year. And if not for the refs, they would have beaten Tenn during thier second match. Oh well, such is life.

When Vic was expecting our first daughter in 2000, she went into labor on the day March Madness began. Jokingly I told Vic she'd better have Hailey before tip off at noon.

Hailey was born at 11:54am. What a woman I got!!!!

This shot was just taken just a short time after Hailey was born. As you can see, I was dressed appropriately for the tournament.


The training of a new UK fan began shortly thereafter.

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