Thursday, March 20, 2008

If it can go wrong, it will go wrong

My day today started out good, then went down hill from there.

- Up all night because of all the wind we had last night and Vic wouldn't stay on her side of the bed.

- Get to work and found out my vacation days have shown up on my record. It's only taken 7 months. But my personal days are still missing.

- I found out that even more people, totally unrelated to my job, group, division etc and add zero value to the product delivery or the process are required to approve a simple request to get something done. All in the name of process and 'rice bowls'. (A Navy term meaning someones little empire. Tread lightly around someone else's rice bowl.)

- Ballet night for Hailey Bug, so I had the other two yard apes.

- Ended up on conference calls til almost 6:30pm. So I was cooking, filling sippie cups, breaking up fights, wiping up messes all while talking about the intricacies of broadband capacities, resident programs, network usage, blah, blah, blah.

- After the call it was time to head to the basement and work out. Alyssa's hooked on a Nintendo game and doesn't' want to go. I put on my Drill Instructor hat and the argument was over. No fun though.

- But wait, we can't find Gracie's' shoes. The basement's not finished so she has to have shoes. 20 minutes we looked. Nada. So I call Vic and whine. Of course, she knows exactly where they are.

- Takes another 5 min to get the girls sweat shirt and shoes on.

- Get down stairs, check for bugs and wasps, (that time of year), find a video, put it in for the girls, tell Alyssa no, she can't go back upstairs, change into work out gear, start music and get on the treadmill.

- 35 sec into the routine here comes Alyssa "Can you put this dress on my doll?" You ever try to do that while walking on a treadmill? Definitely increases the level of difficulty.
- 1:35 on the timer: I have to move their Winnie the Pooh tent.
- 3:30 on the timer: I have to untangle the two tricycles
- 5:15 on the timer: I have to rub a hurt knee
You can see where this is going?

Anyway, Vic finally gets home and rescues me about 32 min in to the workout. It's one of my best so far this year. Then my iPod battery dies. I step off the treadmill to turn on the stereo and accidentally pull the safety cord out of the treadmill. Lost all the stats I track from the displays. Time, distance, calories etc. ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! So I grabbed my Blackberry and from memory, jotted down what I could remember and trudged on-ward.

- After the workout I learn Kentucky lost to Marquette. Not a surprise, but a still disappointing.

- Watched the last 10 min of the Belmont-Duke game. Belmont had a legitimate shot at beating Duke, but the refs blew 2 key calls with less than 40 seconds in the game and gave Duke the win. In my opinion a Duke loss is as good or better than a Kentucky win. I even pull for Indiana or North Carolina when they play Duke and I can't stand either of them.

- Dishwasher heater didn't work tonight, so I had to dry all the dishes when I got them out.

- What? No pressed shirts? Where's the iron? Sigh.

So, not a great day from some perspectives, but that is life. The sun rose, there was air to breathe and I still have my wife and kids who love me, 2 cars and a mortgage or two. What else can a man ask for?


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