Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stand Still Will Ya!!

Aside from being a line from Pink Floyd's 'The Wall', it's a well used line when trying to take photographs of my daughters in pretty dresses at Easter.

First they have to put the baskets on thier heads for the shot. Gracie's was a little big.

Then they have to be a little silly.

Then they have to sing.

And finally, they settle down for a nice pretty shot where they look like they love each other.

Have to throw this one in. Gracie had her first Cadbury egg. She didn't like it.

Great workout tonight. Knees still staying pretty sore. Ice and Motrin, Ice and Motrin.
One thing I have noticed now is it's taking more work to get to my max heart rate. I'm working out a levels now and heartrate is 130bpm. Three weeks ago it would have been 150 bpm. So I'm seeing improvement.

Have a good evening everyone.

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