Sunday, March 16, 2008

Birthdays, Plastic and March Madness 4

The end of another special day at our house. Hailey celebrated her 8th birthday and we brought in another pound of plastic into the house. Before we had children I would bet Vic and I had less than 20 lbs of plastic in our house. I mean really, think about. Before any of you had children, how much plastic was in your house? Tupperware, tumblers, some portions of the refridgerator and microwave, a few odds and ends here and there, but no substantial quantities of plastic. Now I would bet we have 200 lbs or more of plastic in the house.

Perhaps the makers of plastic in some evil, capitalistic scheme are actually putting chemicals in our water supply to make us more fertile and produce more children just so they can increase sales. Ok, maybe that's a stretch. More likely we're just too weak to tell our kids no and buy them everything under the sun, and thier grandparents are worse. :)

Anyway, ramblings aside, Hailey had a great birthday. Beautiful cake, new clothes, toys, shopping, movies. Yep, she's a happy kid today. Next birthday is Vic, she'll be ,,,,cough, cough,,,,hic,,,,ahem,,,,,cough,,,,,excuse me,,,,,,,34,,,,yea, that's it,,,,34 in the fall. :)

And believe it or not, the NCAA saw fit to invite UK to the tournament. That's right. The Kentucky team that at one time lost 4 in a row is going to the big dance. I'm happy about it of course and hope they do well, but don' t have any illusions about thier chances. At best this will give the younger players some excellent experience. Of course, the NCAA also invited Georgia to the dance. A team with the worst record in the Southeastern Conference and who only won 16 games all season. Pretty sad. As my dad put it, "a donation to the state of Georgia due to the tornados this week." Perhaps not far from the mark.

Here's to another day in paradise.

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