Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Professor's Babe and other thoughts

Another beautiful day in Atlanta. Work, kids, work, clean, work, cook, work, drive kids to school,,,,etc, etc. It was interesting to read about Mary Jane,,,,I'm sorry,,,,I mean Marrianne from Gilligans Island getting busted for possesion of marijuana. I guess it''s been a long slide down hill for the girl from the farm in the mid-west.

My girls got a visit from our neighbors little girl and her friend. The screaming was so loud I was sure permanent damage was being done so I went to the basement to work out. Above the din of my LOUD work out music I could still hear the thundering herd above screaming and running for joy. I need to make a note to myself to get Vic's hearing checked. Mine too for that matter.

I found out today the IRS has a new website where you can ask "Where's my refund?" I was excited. I logged in with the information required and expected to see something like:
- Return Received - Date
- Processed for Verification - Date or ETA
- Return Verified - Date or ETA
- Refund wired to your checking account - ETA

Instead it was more like. If you haven't received your refund by XX Date. Call the IRS. Kinda dissappointing. Oh well.

A great evening to everyone.

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