Saturday, March 8, 2008


Every parent has stories of their children. Stories of things they’ve said and done around the ages of 3-5. Here are some of mine.

- Gracie comes running through the house screaming “HURRY, HURRY, HURRY, HURRY!!!!” All the way up to Vic, where she promptly says: “Pull my finger!” I don't know where she learned such crude behavior.

- Alyssa looked at me and said: “Dad, is Freakin Crap a bad word?”

- Gracie this evening getting her hair cut by a black lady. “Why are your eyes brown?” The lady says, “Why are your eyes blue?” Gracie says, “My friend Katie’s eyes are brown.” The lady says: “Why are her eyes brown?” To which Gracie responds: “Cause her skin’s brown like yours silly.”

- Alyssa again: “Dad, is A##hole a bad word?” I’ll never let her visit Reger’s site again.

We have more, just have to write them all down at some point.

Spoke with Marti Groce tonight. She’s going to join our little group doing Currahee in October. This brings us up to 9 now, so I think I’ll start calling us the Currahee Squad. If we get a few more I’ll start calling us the Currahee Platoon. Keep'em coming.

Changing subjects, the girls may not need therapy after all. There were enough snow flurries today so they could get on one of our decks and catch some flakes with their tongues.
And no comments about what they're wearing. I was working on our taxes and just threw something on them. :)

Well, gotta work tonight. Monitoring servers for Daylight Savings Time change.
May write more then.

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