Sunday, March 16, 2008

March Madness 3

I didn't get to see the game with Georgia today, so I can't first hand comment on how the really, really, really bad UGA Bulldogs beat Kentucky in the SEC Tournament. However, my Mother did give me a quick synopsis of the game.

"Those refs gave the game to Georgia. I haven't seen such biased, pathetic, horrible officiating in my life. Those Geogria players were beating the crap out of our boys, and the refs just stood there with thier hands in their pockets."

Now my Mother is a saint and would never exaggerate anything. So I have to take this as gospel. I'm sure an NCAA investigation will be forthcoming. ;)

Only hope now is for UK to get a miracle birth in NCAA tourney, or perhaps NIT.
Either way, I think they'll still have some games left this year.

And last note for today, IT'S HAILEY'S BIRTHDAY NOW!!! Everyone send money. I promise I'll give it to her. :)

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Anonymous said...

I agree, but what a mental meltdown UK had. Who blocks a free-throw? They had a chance to send it into 2nd OT and blew it with MAJOR mental errors. -David Scott